Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June Mediterranean Achievers Blog Hop!

Welcome to the June Mediterranean Achievers blog hop.

This month we are sharing pictures from our amazing Mediterranean cruise that we earned with Stampin'Up. 

I have been running classes for 9 years and have been so blessed to meet friends, travel and work the hours I want!  Running classes and training my team allowed me to earn this cruise. Anyone can do it and if you live in Canada and are interested in in learning how make sure to email me at kchin2 or click here to join the fun!

I'm sharing a few pictures from my trip.

I flew into Barcelona Spain with my sister in-law Jen three days before the cruise left. We checked out the the markets, tried paella, drank amazing wine and toured the unbelievable Sargard Familia. My pictures don't do it justice.

We travelled with Norwegian cruise lines on the Norwegian Epic and had 5 stops. We stopped in Naples, Rome, Florence, Cannes and Marseille.

We booked a private tour with Rome in Limo for Naples and Rome and it was the best money I spent. I highly recommend them if anyone is travelling to Italy.

Stampin'Up spoils us on the incentive trips. Everyday you can go to the hospitality room to spin for a prize. It's always product based and so much fun to win every time.  In the evening when you go back to your hotel room there is a gift on your bed.  The gifts were incredible!!!
This is the very first gift we got.  How cute is that packaging?
 This was another gift!


This is me at the coliseum!

This is inside the Vatican!


The leaning tower of Pisa!

They also gave us make and takes to do on the cruise!

Jen and I checked out the Icebar on the ship. Being Canadian the -14 degrees celsius didn't bother us and boy those drinks were amazing!!!!

I hope you'll check out all the other blogs in this hop!

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  1. Awesome highlights Karina! I didn't make it to the Ice Bar......maybe next time!x

  2. Thanks Ness! Wasn't it hard choose photos? I took over 800. Yikes! I better start making a project life album!

  3. Wish I'd gotten inside the ice bar with you! You're right, minus 14 is peanuts! You don't even need a coat or mitts until it hits minus 20, right? It was great to see you again. Glad your photos captured some of the gorgeous scenery! Looking forward to seeing you again. Thailand 2017? Happy Canada Day and God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

    1. You too Cynthia and yes I'll be in Thailand!

  4. What a fabulous time! Here's to many happy memories!!!