Saturday, August 1, 2015

Coffee Talk Swaps!

Hi Stamping Friends,

I started stamping because I love to have friends over and I love throwing parties!!! Naturally card parties were a perfect excuse to get together with friends.

Eventually my friends needed to get the 20% discount on their own stamping supplies (to support their addiction) and ended up getting the starter kit.  It's a great deal!! So,  I started a class called coffee talk. 
I have a special Jura Coffee machine that makes the best lattes so it's perfect for this class.

Anyway, this month I had 10 friends come over and we made 4 punch art cards, and one punch art baker's box.

I thought we needed a game so I choose a potato chip challenge.  You had to choose your favorite chip, and try to guess the names of the crazy flavours!  One person, Sarah got the names of all the chips right! I was pretty impressed. 

Here's the results:
6 people liked #2 ( poutine) the best and 2 people liked #2 the best. Two people were undecided.   I was the only one who liked #1.

We also did a card swap and here's the beautiful cards:

Sharlene's swap!

Lisa's swap!

Emily's Swap!

Isobels' Swap!

Deneen's Swap!

Caroline's Swap!

Happy Stamping,

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